We make sure we're always at the forefront of airgun charging technology. Enabling us to bring you new and more advanced designs at affordable prices.

Our Predator 2 drysuit range brings a new experience to diving. Flexible, comfortable and functional; It's receiving rave reviews.

With some jobs, experience is key. And we've got plenty of it. You'd be surprised at the work we've done over the years...

We've worked with emergency services and response teams across the country since our beginning. We try to build suits that stand up to the harshest conditions and protect those who put themselves in danger for the safety of others.

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With an established diving heritage and located next to the National Diving Centre, Hydrotech offer a range of repair services as well as the latest underwater products and airgun charging systems.

In-house we have a dedicated team of designers, suit repair technicians and merchandise experts allowing Hydrotech to strive forward and set the benchmark as a leading figure in the underwater world.

Over the last 20 years, Hydrotech has been acknowledged as a leader in repair and restoration of diving equipment.