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  • 5 Litre Airgun Cylinder

    Introducing our newest airgun offering, at 5 Litres, this small cylinder has a low centre of gravity and is fantastically compact while still giving you a good number of fills. Take a look at our 5 Litre Airgun Cylinder for more information.
  • British Airgun Valves!

    We now use a locallay-made valve in all of our Airgun cylinders! Manufactured in the UK, we think that you'll agree they look incredible! More information can be found in our Cylinders Section.
  • Find Us On Facebook!

    We now have an official Facebook page! Come and find us and say hello! We always love to hear from our customers. You can find us at
  • Nylon Zip Now Available

    After finding this zip we immediately knew we had to have it. Lightweight, flexible and very hard-wearing - we put it straight in as a free option on our Shoulder Entry Predator 2. Take a look, you'll be impressed!
  • Predator 2 Reviewed

    The staff at Vobster Quay Diving Cetre recently reviewed our new Predator 2 drysuit and we think they liked it as much as we do. Interested? Take a read here.
  • Suit Repair Time

    The current average time for Drysuit Repairs is 1 week. We can repair nearly any type of suit to the highest standard, so get in touch.
  • Predator 2 Launched!

    We've finally unveiled our latest drysuit offering and we've got to say we're proud of it! It's been put through its paces by some of the UKs leading divers and come out on top.
    See more on the Predator 2 Pages.
  • Ray Mears

    On a water-rescue experience with Leicestershire Fire & Rescue service, explorer and wilderness expert Ray Mears put a Hydrotech Fire Service drysuit through its paces. Pictures to come soon...
  • New Gun Bag Range

    We have a new range of Rifle and cartridge bags. Take a look at our Rifle Bag section.