Blister Packs

Hydrotech endeavours to offer the best selection of diving equipment available on the market, with extensive reserve stocks that ensure orders can be despatched all year round.

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Code Description RRP
Bags & Dry Boxes
BL-6890Goody Bag12.05
BL-6891Snorkelling Kit Bag15.35
BL-AD-05Dry Box7.15
BL-AD-06Large Dry Box7.15
Clips & Lanyards
BL-001Cylinder Neck Ring11.05
BL2-25BKAFastex Clip1.80
BL2-50BKAFastex Clip 25mm1.80
BL2-6776Snap Hook c/w Webbing5.15
BL-6777Snap Hook c/w Webbing size 005.15
BL-6778Snap Hook c/w Webbing size 016.25
BL2-AH09Plastic Hose Clamp4.45
BL2-HH-01Plastic Octo Holder2.85
BL2-S161S/S Double End Snap10.25
BL-S163S/S Double End Snap 90mm10.25
BL2-S225-13S/S Swivel Bolt Snap10.50
BL2-362.18S/S Swivel Bolt Snap 70mm10.50
BL2-S225-25S/S Swivel Bolt Snap 85mm11.65
BL-S225RE-32S/S Swivel Bolt Snap 100mm15.75
BL2-S2450X-07S/S Snap Hook with Eye5.10
BL2-S2450X-08S/S Snap Hook with Eye 70mm5.10
BL/S2450X-10S/S Snap Hook with Eye 80mm6.90
BL2-S249-0S/S Fast Rigid Snap7.10
BL2-S249-1S/S Fast Rigid Snap 10mm7.10
BL2/S249-2S/S Fast Rigid Snap 16mm9.00
BL2-S251-1S/S Fast Swivel Snap10.95
BL2-S251-2S/S Fast Swivel Snap 16mm10.95
BL2-S251-3S/S Fast Swivel Snap 19mm13.85
BL2-S316-0850S/S Welded D Ring6.55
BL2-S317-06050S/S Welded O Ring4.10
BL2-S360EU-05S/S D Shackle3.25
BL2-S360EU-08S/S D Shackle 5mm3.25
BL2-S7350-04S/S Quick Link3.25
BL2-S7350-05S/S Quick Link 40mm3.25
BL2-S7350-08S/S Quick Link 50mm3.60
BL2-S930S/S Tri-Glide with Sawtooth1.95
BL-AL21Wrist Lanyard1.65
BL-S227-19S/S Swivel Quick Snap7.70
BL-S2482-16S/S Swivel Snap Shackle7.35
BL-S5013-12S/S Trigger Snap5.25
Equipment Care
BL-AS-104Kraton Mouthpiece3.75
Hoses & Adaptors
BL2-200Plastic Hose Protector2.65
BL2-AH02Hose Wrap4.15
BL-5LP30Interstage Hose 1/2" unf21.00
BL-5LP80Interstage Hose 1/2" unf - 30"21.00
BL-AA01Air Nozzle9.05
BL-AS16Hose Swivel23.55
BL-BC26Direct Feed Hose 3/8 "unf17.75
BL-BC28Direct Feed Hose 3/8" unf - 26"17.75
BL-BC32Direct Feed Hose 3/8" unf - 28"18.10
BL-HP6HP Hose 7/16" unf - Swivel20.45
BL-HP36HP Hose 7/16" unf - Swivel 6"20.45
BL-HP43HP Hose 7/16" unf - Swivel 36"27.30
BL-LP30Interstage Hose 3/8" unf18.55
BL-LP60Interstage Hose 3/8" unf - 30"18.55
BL-LP80Interstage Hose 3/8" unf - 60"25.40
BL-LP40YWOctopus Hose 3/8 unf21.00
Safety Equipment
BL-PMPocket Mask27.50
BL2-115999Chinagraph Pencil2.80
Straps & Buckles
BL2-6900Velcro Wrist Strap8.15
BL2-AS103Silicone Snorkel Loop1.85
BL2-AW03Weight Retainer with Teeth1.30
BL-40200009Dacor Fin Strap & Buckle12.75
BL4-50BKN3-Bar Buckle3.95
BL-8003Universal Fin Strap4.50
BL-AS-101Universal Fin Strap3.75
BL-AS-102Universal Mask Strap3.60
BL-BK-504Weight Belt Buckle5.75
BL-FS22RSpring Fin Straps - Plastic23.20
BL-FS26RSpring Fin Straps - Plastic/Small23.20
BL-FS22SSpring Fin Straps - Metal20.85
BL-FS26SSpring Fin Straps - Metal/Small20.85
BL-3007Small Diving Knife12.40
BL-3008Folding Knife12.05
BL-3010Diving Knife - Stainless19.00
BL-3010TDiving Knife - Titanium55.10
BL-AC03Line Cutter5.65