Torch Repairs

We offer a full repair service for the entire range of torches that we stock. All Aquatech torches come with a 1 year warranty and our Princeton Tec range of torches carry a 10 year warranty, however we offer a common sense policy ontop of these. If a component has failed (with the exception of bulbs and batteries) and it is obvious to us that this is not due to misuse, we will replace this for you.

If you believe you have a fault with your torch, we ask that you return it to the store that it was purchased from who will then take the appropriate action. However, if for any reason this is not possible please Contact Us and we can arrange for an alternate method of return.

If you need a new bulb, battery or charger please see the list below:

Bulbs - Batteries - Chargers

Code Description Price
S2-8 Shockwave II Bulb 11.50
M2-4 Miniwave II Bulb 11.50
SR-8 Halogen Bulb (Shockwave Rechargeable) 23.10
MR-4 Halogen Bulb (Miniwave Rechargeable) 17.85
HPR-50 Halogen Bulb (TEC 400) 7.40
HMP-20 Halogen bulb (TEC 40) 7.70
PR-4 Sport Flare Bulb 3.25
B-2LED Ecoflare Flashing LED 2.55
B-2 Eco Flare, Blast & Amp Bulb 5.50
B-4 Rage Bulb Assembly 5.50
S-8 Surge/Torrent Bulb 7.70
SW-813 Shockwave LED Bright LED Head Module 73.85
SW-814 Miniwave LED Bright LED Head Module 73.85
N/A Torrent LED Bright LED Head Module Price On Application
YOH99-4x28C 4 x C Cell NiCad Battery Pack (Miniwave Rechargeable) 45.85
YOH99-8x30C 8 x C Cell NiMh Battery Pack (Shockwave Rechargeable) 81.95
YOH99-4x44D 4 x D Cell NiCad Battery Pack (Power Pro Rechargeable) 63.20
EDV1576542HYD 4 x C Cell Charger (Miniwave Rechargeable) 14.40
EDV1882489HYD 8 x C Cell Charger (Shockwave Rechargeable) 14.4